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0,2 Premium..not just an olive oil

Posted by amphoreus 19/07/2022 0 Comment(s) News,


 0,2 Premium..not just an Olive oil




Extra virgin olive oil is the pure natural olive oil, without industrial processing.


It has a strong fruity taste and aroma of freshly cut olive fruit. It may present pleasant


bitterness and short-term burning in the esophagus. Greece occupies the first place


worldwide in the production of extra virgin olive oil (which is considered the best quality olive oil),


while it is the third largest olive producing country in the whole world.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the olive oil, where the degree of acidity expressed in oleic acid


does not exceed 0.8%.


Acidity is one of the main criteria for the quality of olive oil, as the lower it is


the acidity, the higher the quality of the olive oil.



Amphoreus presents Premium 0.2 extra virgin olive oil where its acidity does not exceed


0.2%. Olive oil from selected olive groves where all the processing stages of the fruit are observed


olive tree reverently, to be able to offer you the best that Greece produces for us





As is natural, such an olive oil cannot fail to have the appropriate packaging.


So this "liquid Gold" is available in a


unique and modern paper case, ready to give you pleasure


with unique organoleptic elements that also contribute to our health.