Olive oil slows down Alzheimer's

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   A great scientific discovery that is expected to boost Greek olive oil was announced a few days ago in the US. Researchers at the University of Louisiana, headed by Professor Amal Kaddoumi, managed to stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease to experimental animals using specially selected Greek olive oil in their diet. According to the survey results, which were published in the prestigious scientific journal Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, opens the way to be called olive oil "medical food", which will make us change the way we saw this miraculous substance to date: for the first time it turns out that olive oil can - under certain conditions - act as a medicine not through formulations but through nutrition.

The researchers used experimental animals with Alzheimer's disease just weeks after their birth. Over the course of four months, they were given their daily diet by Greek olive oil, which contains the highest levels of oilseed oil on the world market.

CURRENT FINDINGS. As the American researchers explain, the dose of olive oil administered to the animals corresponded to the average consumption of the Greek population, that is to say about 40-50 grams per day. The findings were impressive: experimental animals receiving either only olive oil or olive oil in combination with Donepezil, which fights Alzheimer's, showed almost no symptoms of the disease. In fact, the combination with the drug produced far better results than when the drug was administered alone.
According to distinguished professors, this is a very important discovery that opens the way for the designation of olive oil as a medical food - what is called medical food in the US - which will be given with medical guidance. "Of course," Professor Prokopis Magiatis explains in "NEA", "it should be emphasized that this will only be done for olive oil that is rich in oil and not generally for any olive oil." The question that arises, he explains, is whether the great results of American research will also be valid for the human body. "This question will give an initial response to the first international clinical study in patients with early Alzheimer's symptoms is done using rich oil in elaiokanthali and that has been going on for almost a year in Greece under the guidance of Professor AUTH Magda Tsolaki in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Department of the National Center for Dental Medicine. We hope in the coming year to be in a position to have the first positive conclusions, "he says.



NO CONCERN FROM THE STATE. It is noteworthy that the above clinical study - which is a global avant-garde - was considered 'not important' by the Greek state, with the result that the application for its funding through the Research-Innovation program was rejected by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of last December.

In previous studies by the group of Professor Kaddoumi had achieved a similar effect by administering the pure substance elaiokanthali in experimental animals and have clarified tonmichanismo in which the substance that protects the brain from the degeneration removing the toxic beta amyloid. Now, however, it has been demonstrated for the first time that the same and best result can be achieved by eating olive oil rich in oil by diet, which is of great practical importance.
"This study does not only concern olive oil but all Greek olive oil with a high amount of oil-coke and is the best answer for those who for years considered olive oil as a simple food and even of economic value. Unfortunately even today much of the academic community and government food control authorities argue that the existence of specific components within the oil, such as elaiokanthali should be measured and should not be associated with beneficial health properties. For many years we have been trying to highlight the role of olive oil in protecting health and thus to increase its economic value, "says Professor Magiatis.