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An exceptional year for Greek olive oil is expected to develop in 2018.

After last year's moderate crop, this year is expected to be better and will raise the bar in both production and exports of the Greek "wet gold", which should be sold as a premium product, as he pointed out at his radio station OPAPME, Agency 104.9 FM, George Economou, General Director of the Association of Industries and Olive Oil Types.

"We are about 280,000 tons, it is a very good year, I hope we will be able to continue with the positive elements in our exports, which have been increasing in recent years," said Economist, while he said: 15 years ago we were at 15,000 tons and now we have doubled from 30,000 to 35,000 tons. All positive messages make us even more optimistic, and hopefully we will earn an additional 3% - 5%, which is also a function of price formation from the other producer countries such as Spain, Tunisia and Turkey, as well new countries are constantly getting into olive oil production, "he explains.
As Greek companies seek higher revenues, mainly from their export efforts, Mr. Economou stressed that there are concrete moves in this direction.


"This also requires some action on our part to make it known, to increase its visibility. And that's not just about olive oil. We have to look at it globally with all the products so that the reputation of Greek food is comparable to the quality characteristics and the superior taste they have and their nutrients, "he added, adding that the modern choice for Greek olive oil is specific .


"It should not be sold as a simple olive oil but as a premium because it deserves it, but this also requires a national strategy", and as a characteristic example of a positive momentum it has raised dozens of international awards that have recently won Greek products in competitions such as the International Competition New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC), where Greek producers have won 54 awards.

"We are glad to receive Greek olive oil, it was a distinction that Greek olive oils deserve, many of which are efforts and small standardizers," he said while stressing that Greek olive oil is constantly improving its quality. "We do not leave it to chance his collective efforts have begun, starting from the field and reaching even the beautiful packaging that we see in recent years gaining significant shares in foreign markets "he says to add that the Greek olives all seek, through and through their distinctions in international competitions, to "obtain a passport for the international market".