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A message from our General Manager

Posted by admin 30/06/2014 0 Comment(s) News,
On the 5th of June 2014,in a prominent ceremony that took place at the Concert Noble in Brussels,our company managed to secure the prestigious “Superior Taste Award 2014”.After countless hours of tasting different olive oils, the award committee decided to award us with “2 gold stars” for the quality and taste of our Early Harvest Gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

For the short amount of time we currently operate, such a prestigious award proved that the creation of our company was a solid choice and that even amidst time of financial crisis, quality can still be found without compromise.

We invested extensive amounts of time in trying to come up with ideas and choose our products carefully, as well as effort in order to stand up to the challenge of supplying these products to our valuable customers.

While all the above makes us feel proud to say the least, we face a new challenge. Managing to keep up the standards we ourselves have set can prove a difficult task but through constant improvement while using our passion and motivation as fuel while having our company’s values and products as a base to stand on will help us improve our company even more.

Kind Regards,

K. Vasileiou

General Manager