Organic Nektar Honey

Organic Nektar Honey

Excellent quality excellent taste due to Greek flora diversity. Science has accepted that more than 8000 herbs, conifers, flowers, found in Greek territory, of which only about 8000 in our country.  The Greek honey has unique organoleptic properties.

The biodiversity found in the Greek mountains, the climate of our country, the specificity of the Greek territory, with the constant changes and the experience and expertise of Greek producers, make Greek honey, top in the world. Honey, natural food that does not accept any treatment because of its nutritional value and its beneficial properties, it is considered as essential to the human body and gives strength, vitality and longevity. Honey, is not just a sweetener, it is much more. Considered, and not unjustly, treasure of health and strength.

It is a unique product, rich in nutrients, aroma and taste. The quintessential flower with invaluable therapeutic and nutritional properties, contains dozens of different substances, necessary for our body.

We offer three varieties: 

Heather    Fir    Chestnut

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