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Black Date olives 200gr

Black Date olives 200gr

The olive tree thrumba or thrumble is a variety of small fruit, unique for its ability to peeled in the tree as it matures and gets a bronze color. It is grown in Attica, Boeotia, the Aegean islands and Crete. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical with a slight inclination.

They are cut off when they are blond and become brown or black when they get into the brine to get them out. Depending on the treatment they are much or less wrinkled. We find them sweet (ie unsalted) or salted.

The thromba fits beside boiled greens, like stamnagathi and vita. Its sweet taste goes to the fresh tomato, as well as next to a red bean soup, with or without herring accompaniment. They fit very much in a warm salad with orange.

An immediate harvesting product without any artificial treatment ensuring a perfect natural result and giving the fruits natural sweetness and flavor.

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